(Krispos): Asliendor, were you next to Zexe as he fell?
(Asliendor): * nods *
(Asliendor): I chased the Eye priestess.
(Krispos): *sigh* I could not get to the front with out leaving the clerics exposed... how was the frontline?
(Asliendor): Almost killed her
(Asliendor): But the poison got me before the final blow
(Krispos): It's a shame... Zexe was brought down by a Priestess...
(Boric): ^^
(Krispos): What do you think will happen to the Vanguard?
(Asliendor): I'll speak with the king... either way it is a heavy loss.
(Krispos): Mmhmm, and this time, there wont be a revival
(Krispos): Greetings
(Gandolf): Greetins...
(Asliendor): No... no revival.
(Krispos): Atleast now you wont have to worry about a dwindling Vanguard... Hmm?
(Krispos): Come on in
(Jonathan II): * rubs eyes * Bright in here.
(Krispos): Mmhmm
(Krispos): What are you up to Jon?
(Krispos): Mourning
(Krispos): Even though the loss was heavy, you wont need to be concerned with defences for a while.
(Krispos): I doubt the Black Hand will do much now with the Curio and Fleece in our possession.
(Krispos): Hello Constance
(Constance): Asliendor, sir, may I enter?
(Constance): Greetings, friend Krispos.
(Asliendor): Aye.
(Constance): Thank you.
(Constance): I have seen you of recent many times, can we expect to see more of you in the future?
(Asliendor): I have been absent a lot.
(Constance): Aye.
(Asliendor): Now that Zexe is gone...
(Asliendor): I will do my best to fill that void, though I know it is impossible.
(Constance): Thank you, Sir.
(Constance): The battles seem to fair better, with you in Command.
(Constance): Rest well, commander.
(Asliendor): * nods * Farewell.
(Krispos): Hmm, that leaves four active Vanguardians then?
(Constance): Good day to you, Krispos.
(Constance): Good day to you, Jonathon.
(Jonathan II): * nods *
(Krispos): Good day Constance
(Constance): You fought bravely in battle today.
(Constance): No need to pay.
(Krispos): Thank you Constance
(Constance): Aye.
(Asliendor): Myself, Jonathan, nasrith, and Majara...
(Krispos): Let's only hope we don't face as strong an enemy as the Eye in the near future then.
(Asliendor): We kill the Eye only to fight Marthonis.
(Krispos): We'll have to make as much use of the Curio and Fleece as we can then.
(Asliendor): No.
(Asliendor): Men cannot use such objects.
(Krispos): Well if we can't use them, we should destroy them.
(Asliendor): Impossible.
(Asliendor): They will be locked with ours piece of the curio, or returned to Andris.
(Asliendor): Don't forget, the Twins were never caught.
(Asliendor): It should be fine...
(Krispos): Isn't it the power in a full curio that is to feared?
(Krispos): is to be*
You are getting very hungry.
(Asliendor): Aye.
(Asliendor): But mere fragments grant incredible corrupting power too... I believe.
(Krispos): All the more reason to keep them seperated
(Asliendor): * shrugs *
(Asliendor): Not for me to decide.
(Jonathan II): Farewell.
(Krispos): Farewell Jon.
(Jonathan II): *trips*
(Krispos): Well in either case... I know it's not the best of times to say this...
(Krispos): But I'd be interested in joining the ranks of the Vanguard.
(Asliendor): * nods *
(Asliendor): We'll see...
(Asliendor): You've grown.
(Krispos): *nods* I've taken after some of the best warriors in Oberin.
(Krispos): *stretches* It's been a long day...
(Asliendor): Yeah.
(Krispos): I think I'm going to go stroll around the bank before turning in.
(Krispos): *sigh* If only we could have gotten to him faster... *mumbling to himself*
(Krispos): Good night Asliendor.
(Asliendor): farewell.