It said hurried human tracks...
I was just scouting, I figured you guys would check the tracks
(Kye): "human"
(Immolated): hi angela
(Lymphocyte): hi^^
(Angela): hi
(Asliendor): The Eye has human servants
(Armatus): Hi
(nezumikozou): hi:)
(Kazara): hi Angelasan ^^
(Krispos): *enraged*
(Krispos): Yeah... he does...
(Cryssandria): * bol flas *
(Feyreth): I know nothing about the eye, or whatever. I'm just here for the fight
(Cryssandria): damn dog
(Feyreth): It's one of my favourites
(Feyreth): Me and my lymph gland go way back
(Asliendor): I thinkwe need to investigate those fires
(Armatus): yes
(Krispos): Coming?
(Cryssandria): why were they there
(Cryssandria): very peculior
(Lymphocyte): k
where the fire?
(Cryssandria): go
(Nedved): lol i got here late and have no idea whats going on
(Otto): what's up?
(Ysabella): ?
(Cryssandria): jkust go
(Nedved): were hunting th eeye
(Nedved): thats all i know
(Matthew): lets go
(Matthew): N
(Krispos): Just a bleeding harpie...
(Matthew): you lead?
(Krispos): We should wait
(Matthew): got a sextant?
(Krispos): Wait for the rest.
(Matthew): have you got a sextant?
(Angela): yep
(Matthew): can i use it?
1433 N by 121 E
(Angela): 1443N121E here
(Immolated): :?
(Feyreth): got your back.
(Matthew): can you track SS?
(Matthew): =?
(Angela): no
(Angela): im rog><
(Matthew): back we go
(Matthew): =?
(Immolated): err
(Kortekai): (Guess there's no islands)

(Asliendor): Where?
(Danaan): Everyone was controlled
(Kortekai): Gavon?
(Danaan): no
(Ysabella): ?
(Asliendor): Gavon is in lerelin
(Danaan): In Mirith
(Kazara): e- ^^;;
(Asliendor): he went to there from mirith
(Danaan): ahh, a relief
You have successfully stealthed.
Lymphocyte bumped into you.
You are no longer stealthed.
(Danaan): the Eye?
(Krispos): Nevermind...
(Krispos): Before the charge, I met with the Eye.
(Matthew): where?
(Asliendor): What did he say?
(Cryssandria): did... did we win
(Krispos): That bastard simply said I'd remember this day, yet, I have no momento of worth.
(Krispos): I offered him a deal, he didn't take it.
(Krispos): That's all.
(Matthew): Where did you see him?
(Krispos): At the entrance, he vanished once the charge began.
(Jonathan II): I'm going to check the eastern crevice
(Feyreth): You would have sold us out.
(Kortekai): *Sits on the dirt*
(Kye): So you warned him!
(Krispos): No... I wouldn't have.
(Ysabella): maybe
(Otto): lol'
(Feyreth): You've done it before
(Krispos): Are you joking?
(Cryssandria): TRAITOR!!!!
(Feyreth): No reason things would have changed
(Krispos): He new of you before you came to the mountians.
(Immolated): cryssie, calm down
(Feyreth): Don't go calling names
(Feyreth): I'm sure he did
(Matthew): We don't need yelling
(Feyreth): Which is why he isn't here now
(Cryssandria): ...
(Cryssandria): bu..bu..but.....
(Matthew): Shhhh...
(Krispos): He probably sent the one who told you in the first place.
(Cryssandria): for all we know he told of our coming!
(Feyreth): Maybe someone let him know we were coming, eh?
(Krispos): If he was from the town, he was under the control of the Eye.
(Matthew): Do we know?
(Krispos): This was his doing all along.
(Otto): heads will roll
(Asliendor): Why would the eye want us to come here and slaughter his army?
(Cryssandria): ...perhaps he was threatened...and told to save his live..
(Krispos): The Eye knows of your movements LONG before you reach Duldrus.
(Krispos): Hell if I know.
(Cryssandria): ...
(Cryssandria): but....
(Feyreth): So, he's down a load of gapers
(Cryssandria): maybe its a trap
(Krispos): But if that miner was from the town, he was most likely under the Eye's control.
(Feyreth): Let's get it over with, what does he keep dragging it out for
(Asliendor): I'd think of this as one of those brigands tricks
(gimbit): I'm going to scout farther NE
(Krispos): Ask anyone in the town, they're all under his control.
(Cryssandria): we could all already be dead
(Asliendor): but we would have heard the great horn by now.
(Krispos): This was pointless...
(Ysabella): hmm
(Feyreth): how so?
(Cryssandria): ...
(Feyreth): I had a good fight
(Kye): stay
(Krispos): We came and slaughtered his minions... those can be easily replaced...
(Cryssandria): perhaps...a diversion......
(Feyreth): every punch a gaper right in the eye?
(Feyreth): Not much is more satisfying
(Asliendor): A diversion from what!?
(Krispos): Mirith...!
(Asliendor): He hasn't done anything and we've already been diverted
(Cryssandria): could they bring us here to attack somewhere else?!
(Kye): gaper
(Krispos): That's why the army...
(Feyreth): Well, no one's watching mirith if we're all gallavanting killing gapers
(Krispos): He wouldn't have had us wait this long...
(Matthew): =?
(Asliendor): Mirith? I don't think so. Mirith si full of Guards, birek, Zexe, and nafets.
(Krispos): Asliendor, I swear... it would be in your best intentions to check on Mirith...
(Cryssandria): true
(Asliendor): Not to mention the great horn would have sounded the moment gapers appeared.
(Cryssandria): but
(Cryssandria): asliendor
(Feyreth): that's true
(Krispos): Right... and he has hundreds of expendable gapers.
(Asliendor): krispos, the great horn.
(Kye): guard
(Cryssandria): dont forget marali
(Feyreth): I'll rely on the great horn.
(Matthew): I am going to Mirith
(Kye): anyone have an alt in Mirith?
(Cryssandria): they have lots of guards too
(Cryssandria): but they were taken
(Krispos): You are right.
(Krispos): I'm simply getting hot headed.
(Matthew): Immolated would you help me make sure i make it?
(Immolated): sure
(Nedved): i could have my alt there in minutes
(Krispos): But what if it's a different city?
(Kortekai): Feyreth, what is everyone's plans being?
(Cryssandria): andris perhaps?
(Krispos): Or a different reason... to many unknown variables.
(Nedved): i could bring us pures
(Feyreth): Everyone's plans are kind of hodge-podged my friend
(Krispos): Damn it...
(Feyreth): I personally had a good fight, and don't mind if that was it
(Feyreth): We'll find this soon enough
(Krispos): I can take this... not like this...
(Cryssandria): but what if it wasnt!
(Krispos): I came here for vengence... for blood.
(Feyreth): so, you got some blood
(Nedved): lol
(Kortekai): I have hearing that the Nethers used to being having a building here?
(Feyreth): yes
(Feyreth): Our hall was not far from here
(Kortekai): Could you take me to it?
(Feyreth): When the Nethers started dissapearing .. im not sure what happened to it
(Feyreth): Let's go to the spot.
(Cryssandria): should we not head for mirith!?
(Cryssandria): make sure order is still in place
(Asliendor): * shouts * Show yourself, Eye!
(Asliendor): Crysaandria.
(nezumikozou): (back....
(Asliendor): If Mirith was in trouble... the great horn would have been sounded.
(Kazara): (wai
(Cryssandria): hmm...
(Asliendor): but regardless.. there's nothing here.
(Cryssandria): *stares into the distance*
(Asliendor): Wait here.
(Kye): I see...I see....
(Kye): Nothing
(Cryssandria): it doesnt make sense
(Cryssandria): the battle was short... with few deaths...
(Cryssandria): and then nothing..
(Cryssandria): tracks leading nowhere
(Nedved): lol...i died
(Kye): Perhaps just a battle..not the end of the war
(Kye): The tracks were the leader escaping
(Jonathan II): Nothing in the east crevice sir
(Kye): *perhaps*
(Armatus): I think Kye might be right...
(Asliendor): * nods *
(Jonathan II): but a gaper and a blue ROR
(Cryssandria): then he got away
(Otto): need to head back now
(Jonathan II): reagents here
(Kye): Krispos said the Eye was a pawn
(Kye): Whoevers tracks those were is the puppeteer
(Cryssandria): but...
(Armatus): A would bet a wizard
(Asliendor): a Human hanging out with a bunch of gapers...
(Cryssandria): where did he go
(Cryssandria): who would dare to...
(Krispos): Those could have been Alastor leaving in a hurry, or the Warrior, Priestess.
(Asliendor): The Eye warrior or priestess
(Krispos): After all, Alastor is on the run from the Eye.
(Cryssandria): *awkward feeling*
(Asliendor): Shall we head back? There's nothing here...
(Otto): i need to go cya all
(Cryssandria): i think so commander
(Otto): good night
(Krispos): Bye
(Otto): good luck
(Armatus): Bye Otto
(Ysabella): bye
(Kye): *nods*
(Otto): cya
(Kazara): bye ^^
(Nedved): bye
(nezumikozou): cya
(Jonathan II): bye otto
(Cryssandria): farwell friend
(Angela): cu
(Krispos): Another day Eye... another day...
(Lymphocyte): Jonathan thx^^
(Jonathan II): n
(Ysabella): I am heading as well
(Jonathan II): np
(Ysabella): good luck
(Otto): ok bea
(Cryssandria): home..
(Cryssandria): hmm...
(Krispos): You were right, you know, I will remember this day, you dissapointed me today.
(Cryssandria): krispos
(Krispos): What?
(Cryssandria): may i speak with you
(Krispos): Once we reach Mirith.
(Cryssandria): where r you going
You enter a bank.
(Armatus): coming
(Cryssandria): where is krispos
(Maryjay): hi cryss
(Armatus): castle
(Kane): find another enclave?
(Kane): lets go watch this

(Asliendor): * sighs *
(Kane): I enjoy that kind of battle
(Asliendor): Once again the eye doesn't shows itself.
(Krispos): Come on, we'll miss the debreifing.
(Kye): The Druid Circle will aid Mirith in need.
(Asliendor): But it is indeed a major victory, not that he can't create more gapers.
(Cryssandria): i want to know
(Cryssandria): ...
(Kye): *bows* May I ask to be excused?
(Tuck): *gasping* Andris...They...Gapers...Where?
(Asliendor): You don't need to be excused, leave if you wish.
(Krispos): What of Andris?
(Krispos): What about the city!?
(Cryssandria): tuck
(Cryssandria): dont say such things
(Kye): That's where my home is..?
(Tuck): *stares* I was in Andris you fool, don't talk to me like that.
(Cryssandria): you were not in the battle tuck
(Krispos): Ahem... my apologies, I thought you had seen Gapers there...
(Jonathan II): Greetingd all
(Cryssandria): you do not know of the eerieness that was there
(Tuck): I have seen worse I'm sure.
(Asliendor): * nods *
(Cryssandria): im sure too
(Cryssandria): it was a short battle
(Asliendor): Tuck, Jonathan.
(Jonathan II): Yes sir?
(Cryssandria): in the end tracs that led to no where
(Tuck): Yes Commander?
(Asliendor): Have a seat, if you want.
(Jonathan II): im blocked
(Tuck): Well, I didn't fight, but it was a long run.
(Jonathan II): *sits*
(Asliendor): There's not much I can say.
(Asliendor): Everyone fought well today.
(Asliendor): And we defeated the gapers... but this whole thing is still shrouded in mystery...
(Asliendor): The Eye is on the loose.
(Krispos): And very confident...
(Armatus): We'll get him.
(Cryssandria): yes commander, we will get him
(Tuck): He got away? *frowns*
(Asliendor): He didn't show himself...
(Krispos): *coughs*
(Armatus): Only to Krispos... so he says
(Cryssandria): something to say krispos
(Krispos): Nothing.
(Krispos): I tried to bait the Eye... he didn't take *shrugs*
(Cryssandria): Commander, if you will. I noticed Krispos's behavior strange..
(Asliendor): ノ?
(Cryssandria): since he said he wanted to scout ahead.
(Krispos): How can my behavior be strange if you don't know me?
(Asliendor): Krispos is a scout by nature...
(Cryssandria): i know you trust him but I think something else is going on.
(Asliendor): Me?
(Asliendor): turst krispos?
(Krispos): You think to much.
(Asliendor): *Trust
(Tuck): *laughs to himself*
(Krispos): Even I didn't beleive that...
(Asliendor): I trust Krispos about as far as I can throw the bank.
(Cryssandria): He will not tell me the deal he was trying to make. I do not know why but I fear...
(Jonathan II): *snickers then looks around*
(Armatus): *chuckles*
(Cryssandria): that mhe may be hiding something
(Krispos): You really do talk to much.
(Cryssandria): and you don't.
(Krispos): Silence is bliss.
(Krispos): You're a horror.
(Asliendor): Quiet.
(Cryssandria): How come? You will not even tell your commander the deal you were trying to make.
(Tuck): Stop the bickering please.
(Krispos): *clears his throat*
(Cryssandria): Yes sir.
(Asliendor): Enough... if you need to argue do it on your own time.
(Krispos): My apologies.
(Cryssandria): *takes a knee* Understood.
(Asliendor): Everyone needs to keep a sharp eye out... we haven't seen the last of these gapers.
(Asliendor): And the brigands are on the move.
(Armatus): *nods*
(Asliendor): Things arne't nearly as bad they used to be, but we don't want that starting up again.
(Asliendor): Don'r forget we still have no idea what the Blood dagger did to DarkStar, or where she is.
(Asliendor): *don't
(Tuck): Or Crausaar.
(Krispos): Not to mention the Twins...
(Asliendor): * nods *
(Armatus): I think Alastor is to be watched as well
(Krispos): But if it helps, they really had no affiliation with the Eye.
(Krispos): His soul aspiration was to capture Alastor.
(Asliendor): We still have threats, btu we aren't on the brink of destruction... I'd like to keep it that way.
(Krispos): *laughs* Sure, if you can find him.
(Asliendor): Thats all.
(Asliendor): Good work, today.
(Krispos): *nods*
(Armatus): Thank you for this battle Commander.
(Jonathan II): *nods* Nice work everyone.
(Cryssandria): *clears throat*
(Jonathan II): (I didnt die today, imagine that :P)
(Krispos): (lol)
(Asliendor): Anything else that needs to be brought to my attention or said?
(Nedved): (I did...)
(Cryssandria): I would like to appologize for my outburst. I am sure you have your reasons for not telling Krispos.
(gimbit): I for one would like to know the deal Krispos wanted to make with the Eye
(Krispos): Congratulations on your new recruits.
(Asliendor): Cryssandria, don't lose sleep over it. It wasn't a big deal.
(Krispos): You'd be better off not knowing.
(Cryssandria): I will also say I am at your service Commander for whatever bidding you need.
(Nedved): And why would that be?
(gimbit): let's not have secrets among us!
(Krispos): If I told you, you'd know the deal smart one.
(Nedved): Whats wrong with knowing the deal?
(Krispos): I'm not among you, I'm a step away from exile.
(Armatus): Let him be
(gimbit): You are among us now. Speak! And let us all know!
(Krispos): I'm not going to deal with this, Asliendor, when your finished with this, I'll speak with you.
(Asliendor): Anything else?
(gimbit): The citizens demand to know sir!
(Armatus): He has his reasons... lets not crush hope before its flourishing.
(Cryssandria): No sir.
(Cryssandria): may I be excused.
(Jonathan II): Let us drop this, please.
(Cryssandria): I have much business to attend
(Asliendor): * waves his hand * I'll find out what it is. If you can know, you'll know.
(Asliendor): * nods * You're all dismissed.
(Cryssandria): thank you sir
(Armatus): Farewell.
(gimbit): *shakes his head in disgust*
(Cryssandria): farewell
(Jonathan II): *picks up chair and carried on back*
(Asliendor): Gimbit.
(Nedved): can i still sit here?
(Jonathan II): *carries*
(gimbit): Yes?
(Jonathan II): oh..
(Nedved): lol jon
(Jonathan II): the castle probably needs this
(Asliendor): Don't worry, I'll find out if I can. If you need to know, I will tell you and the rest of Oberin's citizens.
(Jonathan II): *sits chair back down*
(gimbit): Thank you.
(Asliendor): However, some things often need to be left as secrets.
(Asliendor): I hope you understand.
(gimbit): Information is power sir....if we are to defend ourselves, we'd be better off knowing.
(Asliendor): * nods *
(Jonathan II): I can never resist brown bags.. :(
(gimbit): Then you understand my frustration with Krispos.
(Nedved): Krispos is and odd egg
(Nedved): A very odd egg.
(Asliendor): But there are secrets that could ruin Oberin as we know it.
(Asliendor): Now, if you'd all excuse me, I think krispos wants a word.
(Jonathan II): Yes sir.
(gimbit): I really doubt that.
(Nedved): Yes sir.
(gimbit): *bows*
(gimbit): Until next time.
(Asliendor): * nods *
(Nedved): Farewell Sirs.
(Tuck): Asliendor...Commander...
(Asliendor): Tuck?
(Tuck): Don't trust him, you knwo his ways.
(Lymphocyte): farewell
(Asliendor): I do know his ways.
(nezumikozou): Ferwell sir.
(Nedved): whos ways?
(Tuck): I know I was not at the battle, but we all know Krispos as a person.
(Asliendor): farewell.
(Nedved): Krispos?
(Angela): Farewell
(Tuck): Farewell Sir, call if you will be needing us.
(Nedved): Can i still sit here?
(Jonathan II): *achoo*